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About Us

GuidePoint is a comprehensive, fee-only financial planner based in Reston, Virginia.  As a fee-only firm, our objective is making recommendations that are in your best interest. Only 2% of financial advisors in the US are true fee-only fiduciaries. 


As an intentionally small, private practice, we work exclusively with families in Northern Virginia and the surrounding D.C. metropolitan area. This allows us to dedicate extensive time and resources towards personal relationships with our clients.  

We work hard every day because we believe in the value of financial planning done the right way. We feel strongly about what that means. 

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Our Guiding Principles 

Shaking Hands

Trusted Advice

More than just transparent, fee-only pricing, we bring integrity, energy and passion to every decision.​

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Personal Attention

By working only with a select number of individuals, every client will receive the highest level of personal attention.

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Exceptional Planning

We believe planning done right takes time and delivers far greater results. 

Comprehensive Planning

Account Consolidation

Ensure your investments make sense and are aligned with your objectives.

College Savings

The costs of college and education continue to rise. Lets plan for it.

Inheritance Planning

Receiving an inheritance comes with complex tax and investment considerations. 

House Purchases & Renovations

Your house is not just an asset - it is your home.  Evaluate your options, costs and potential impacts.

Company Stock

Balance risk, tax and long-term growth potential.  

Work Life Balance

Is your career in balance with the rest of your life.  Lets discuss, analyze and move towards your goals.  

About Ryan
Reston Financial Planning
Hi! I'm Ryan.

Hi I'm Ryan Phillips, CFA, CFP®.  I have spent my entire career as a fee-only planner because I love working with people and I love helping.  I founded GuidePoint after working in the industry for almost a decade and had a very specific approach for how best to work with clients.  


I am grateful to have discovered the profession of financial planning while studying at Virginia Tech.  What attracted me to the profession then is still what I love about it today - the ability to wake up everyday and go to work for my clients. 


I am a native of Ashburn, Virginia and continue to call Northern Virginia home.  My wife Kelly and I live in Great Falls and currently spend most of our free time chasing after our two kids Benjamin (age 2.5) and Emilia (less than 1).  I am an avid chess player and truly enjoy watching Federal Reserve press conferences.  


Our Process

1. What is Success?

What does success and financial independence look like to you?  We go deeper with our clients to first discover and then build your plan towards your unique destination.  

back view of a couple contemplating a landscape while imagining their future home, we see

2. Detailed Planning

By gathering a wide variety of data and information from you we are able to get into the details.  This allows us to not only focus on the areas of greatest impact - but also smaller strategies and potential blind spots.  Recommendations are always provided in writing with clear guidance and action items.

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3. Personalized Investing

Our investment philosophy is based on years of experience and extensive academic training.  It is centered around three principles - discipline, diversification, and keeping costs low.

Learn more about our costs

We offer two distinct ways to partner with clients - either ongoing or one-time.  

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